Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pool Time

Daniel loves water. He has ever since he was a fussy baby. When he cried, all I had to to was sink into a warm tub of water with him and he'd settle right down. Bathtime is still a favorite for him, and he soaks the floor with his splashing (thank god for tile!). Today we stretched, kicked, floated and splashed our way through a Sunday afternoon. It was bliss.


Elizabeth said...

I wish that Sophie loved pool water -- she doesn't mind baths but hates to get into a pool. I'm not sure what it is but think it's the shock of the cold. She does love the ocean, but there's so much going on there sensorily that the cold is overlooked.

Those are cute pictures of you and Daniel!

Carolyn said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! The pics were taken with my phone camera, so they're not all that clear. I love the gorgeous photos on your blog.

One good thing about living in Florida is that the pool water is pretty much the same temp as bath water! Daniel is a little afraid of the ocean, but loves tidepools!