Saturday, August 18, 2012

And So It Goes

It's Saturday morning. I worked two days this week, getting the clinic ready for the new school year. Daniel's backpack is filled for Monday and the beginning of eighth grade. Melody has her driver's license and will be driving herself to and from school, appointments, lessons and all that jazz. Dang. We're all growing up!

I have a newly diagnosed student with diabetes this year. I met his mom and dad and like the rest of the parents in this little diabetes clinic I get the privilege of working in, they are great folks. I'm so thankful for this job. For the chance to be with elementary school kids everyday. For the added plus of being home when my kids are off from school. This September will mark thirty years as a nurse. I'm down on my knees grateful that I don't have to work weekends, holidays, or odd shifts anymore!

Our summer was free of drama. We drove to Illinois, myself and my kids, and spent time with the whole Kresse clan. It was very, very good.

I just feel like blowing some sunshine around today. The past year with all of it's woes is over. My husband finished radiation, chemo and all of that nerve crunching medical stuff. He's ok. We lost his dad almost a year ago, and had to find a secure place for his mom to live in safely now that he's gone. I needed more than my share of Immodium last year. There were too many tears, too much fear.

Yep, I'm marking the current good vibes by writing on this, my blog, so that when the tide turns again I will remember. I'll come here and read and go, "Yeah, this too shall pass." Uncle Ebb and Aunt Flow never sleep. I'll just enjoy today.