Monday, July 30, 2012

Shifting Gears

Summer break is winding down. In a couple of  days it will be August, the Sunday of summer.(Someone once said that if summer is a weekend, then June is Friday and July Saturday. Seems pretty accurate to me.)

I'm not ready to go back to the daily grind yet. We still have doctor's appointments to cross off the to-do list. This morning was Daniel's well check, and Thursday is one for me. Next week are a few more, including a four hour EEG. It's just the last of the "get it done before school starts" necessary stops. I also want to just savor the morning sleep-ins awhile longer.

We have to wait until September for the team meeting with Daniel's teachers and therapists to discuss the autism diagnosis and plan for the year's education goals. Communication. So many years into it, and still the necessary push to make it more meaningful for Daniel.

We're plugging away on the iPad, working on letters and spelling phonetically. I'm pretty sure the current placement at school is not going to understand my focus in this area. I don't care. I know my son, and I am certain that he needs more of a challenge.

He's walking well. I've been making him walk more out of necessity. My shoulder and back demand it. He's taller, heavier, and I'm older and more aware of my limitations. I've switched to a pair of AFOs that were made for him awhile ago that have more flexibility. Unfortunately, we just got the new pair that are the old ski boot model, and I don't think they're working well. It looks like I need to add another appointment to the list and have them redone.

He's also feeding himself more. His diet is mostly liquid, so in our world that means he's holding his cup and drinking without me holding it. He's also suddenly showing more of an interest in food. That's good, except when his hand mouthing habit and eating intersect. The guacamole he dug so much at the Mexican restaurant we stopped in on the drive home from Illinois was case in point. Slimy green hands are no fun in public!

Daniel begins  eighth grade in just a few short weeks. I'm going to try to enjoy this last bit of summer in between the obligatory doc visits and school supply shopping trips. Tonight we'll walk around the neighborhood when it cools down. I want to enjoy every last second before the alarm clock again rules our mornings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime in the Heartland

Grandpa and Daniel just a swingin'.

Sister is a future teacher. She's got the look!

Party at Uncle Mike's house!

Mom, Daniel and Melody

A few of the cousins at grandma and grandpa's house