Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Things

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend by giving Daniel's new neck ring a try. We have a winner! He was able to move around the pool independently, something he loves. After about an hour and a half he crashed on the porch for a long nap stretched out on a comfy chair. It was good.

I've tried something new for the pool every year for the past several, and this ring was recommended by a good friend who uses it with both her girls who have severe disabilites. To say it's a godsend is really an understatement. The feeling of freedom he has in the water is worth every penny I paid for it, and it was a lot less expensive than the big yellow contraption I bought last year that didn't pan out well.

With his sister trying the new neck ring for the first time

In other news, we have a new physical therapist and a state-of-the-art hydaulic stander on the way. This is a pic of he and I after school/work Friday evening trying it out. This doesn't capture the huge smile that he had when he first stood in it, but believe me, the boy loves it.

Physical Therapy on a Friday in May

We're counting down the days until break (June 7 is our last day) and taking note of all these blessings, too. Here's to summer!


Phil Dzialo said...

Freedom....the greatest gift that we can give anyone...looks so free in the pool!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Very interested in this neck ring! I have checked out so many things that have not worked in the past, so I would love the details of this --- especially as I have just started bringing my daughter swimming again..

Also I'm delighted to have found your blog, but I can't see a way to follow it???

Carolyn said...

LBS...I just added a link for followers again. I removed it when I did a makeover of the site awhile back.

As for the ring, I bought it online from a company called water way babies. They have different sizes. Daniel's is the large and it works perfectly for him. He can swim independently all over the pool with it.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Thanks so much Carolyn :)